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Bully azureus?

Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a possible frog bullying problem. I have one azureus who has had a 20g tank to himself for about a month I'd say. I recently added (maybe 2 weeks ago) a leucomelas and an auratus of similar sizes. Ive never seen them fighting, but I'm pretty sure the azureus is trying to eat all of the flies he can so that the others can't. I believe this because he has an enormous pot belly and keeps eating. The leucomelas is doing fine I think, but the auratus has lost a little weight. Could this just be him still settling in or is the azureus a bully? Also, I try to feed the frogs only when the auratus is in the front so that he gets first helpings, but he gets scared of the top opening or of people being in front of the tank, so he'll eat maybe 2 flies then hop away. Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading!
PS. Is the azureus in danger of exploding?

Hi. Do you have ample plants and hiding spots? Usually if the frogs can't easily see one another they will leave each other alone. I had a similar prob with one of my azureus. A leuc I introduced died after a week of not finding a spot to call his own. he seemed to really want the area already claimed by thye one azure. He seems to getalong with everybody now,but he too pigs out. I was also wondering if they can eat too much. One thing i do to make sure everyone eats is put a piece of banana in an area that is close to where the hungry frog is.
Try puting a small piece of fruit in the auratus' area. Tht way he could have access to flies.
Sorry i got so long winded.

I would have to agree. I had a 30 gal that had the same type of frogs as you have and did not have a big problem with bullying but I did have it very well planted and lots of cubby holes everywhere for hidding.
I did spread the fly's around in the tank not putting them all in the same spot all the time, mostly at each end of the tank.
My yellow backs where in the tank a good 6months before I added anything else.

It could possibly be bullying, or it could be that that particular Auratus is not as brave as the other, as he is scared of the top opening and such, it could be adding to his stress level casing him to lose weight by not feeding. You can try the fruit idea, it works well, but not all the time. If the fruit doesn't work i suggest placing the bullying Auratus in a cage by himself and allow the other Auratus to gain some weight, i've found if you move a stressed frog, its just makes them worse usually, so i try not to move the stressed frog. just keep an eye on the Luc if you do that, to be sure he doesn't begin bullying the Auratus also. Good luck


Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions. The terrarium is well planted and the auratus and the leuc actually share this one plant with no problems. I'll try the fruit idea. Thanks again!


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