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Plants To Trade

I have various cuttings for trade.
Syngonium erythrophyllum
Scindapsus pictus
Lycopodium squarrosum
Nephrolepsis 'Suzie Wong'
Cissus sp. (not sure of species) it does real well in the vivarium.
Hoya sulawesii
Many others available as well.
PM me if interested.

how big does the L. squarossum get and how do you grow it? i have L. hamiltonii in a tank. it's been about a year and the plant is still growing well. any details on the cissus?

i have a lot of mini-begonias, episcias, jewel orchids, and some groovy carnivores to trade. maybe we can work something out Smile . let me know.

i'm also interested in orchids and caudiciform plants.

I have many hoyas (one that might interest you is the small leafed 'Hoya lacunosa'), and an epiphytic peperomia. I also have many many aquatic plants that can grow, or are growing, in an emersed form. One I am particularly fond of in emersed form is Polygonum sp. 'sao paulo'.

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