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Hello to all the members here on Dartden. My name is Jeremy Britton and obiviously, I keep poison dart frogs. I've been on Dendroboard for a few months, helping to create care sheets and stuff. I've actually kept frogs for 7 years now but have not bred anything yet (hard to do with one terribilis back in High School). I currently keep Phyllobates Bicolor and very soon, D. Truncatus and have a strong interest in the Colombian frogs. Hope to talk to and get to know more froggers here!
Welcome to the forum!

Hi Jeremy.
Welcome to DartDen.
The phyllobates are great frogs, as are the truncatus. We have a group of five truncatus that breed regularly for us, and provide hours of amusement watching their interaction. Good choice!
Thanks, everyone! Cindy, it's great to find another person interested in truncatus. I tried to get a care sheet going on Dendroboard, but everyone seems pretty focused on retics and pumilio. Is it true they are tricky to breed?
I think the truncatus are very much underappreciated. If people only knew how fascinating these frogs are!
We have a 2.1 group and I wouldn't say they are tricky. They are in a heavily planted 29 gal tank, that has a small water area in the front of the tank. They frequently use the water to drop off tadpoles that we will pull, but we occasionally find froglets in the tank.

hey, welcome!

sorry i missed your post. being in "off topic" with a vague title, i thought it was spam. :oops:


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