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Black foam w/black or brown silicone

My 1st viv will be a 44 gal pentagon. I'm using black eggcrate for false bottom and black pond foam for the background, along with a couple of tubes of GE Silicone II black and brown. Ok I don't have to black silicone the back glass because GS is beige and black silicone hides the color from view. Or is silicone applied for the GS to adhere better? Another question, using black or brown silicone spread over the foam then apply a heavy amount of coco peat pressed over would it look better over black or brown silicone or mix it up here and there? the correct paint to use the Krylon Fusion and or acrylic paint to make fake rock or a rock wall? If acrylic paint tubes from an art store can be used then I'd use it in an airbrush for detail. There's a lot of creative ideas but it's just a matter of what's safe as the tank cycles then introducing dart frogs in the future.

I'm confused.
Are you using the black pond foam, or Great Stuff for the background?

Most people coat the glass with black silicone to hide the screaming yellow Great Stuff. We have used the Great Stuff, and never had any problems with it sticking to the glass.

Either color of silicone will work, never tried mixing colors though.

We have used the non-toxic exterior acrylic paints (brush on) to detail backgrounds.

We haven't tried the Krylon Fusion, I know it is available as a spray, do they have a brush on form?

I'm using black pond expanding foam. I can skip past siliconing the back glass black and the properties of the foam make it non porous that the waterfall will not leak water. It's a little pricey for the foam but may turn out to be worth it in time and appearance. Non toxic acrylic paint would work great for detailing rock work or mangrove tree root within the tank. I must be on the right track. Better to be safe and do it right the 1st time.

We use the Beckett Pond Foam, we prefer it over the Great Stuff.

1) sits up quicker
2) not as prone to forming large air pockets or bubbles
3) dark grey color is easier to cover with silicone and coco fiber
4) denser consistency

1) price

Beckett Pond Foam, thank you for the type of foam used. I'll make a note of that particular type so when I build another I'd consider that media. I'd also need to get my fingers sticky with Great Stuff since it's a more economical media to use and favored by all in the forums.

Where do you get the Beckett Pond foam? Is it something available locally, or does it have to be ordered? I'm getting ready to set up my first tank and I haven't bought the foam yet. I like the idea of using black, even if it is more expensive.

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