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Dart frogs at IAD from Midwestdartfrogs
Updating the list of frogs to be offered at the Midwestdartfrog table at IAD....

First off though I should mention that I've decided that 100% of my sales at IAD will go to support the work being done by Mark Pepper and Manuel Sanchez at Understory Explorer SAC in Peru. That's right pilgrim, 100%. No percentage deducted to cover expenses, etc...every dollar goes directly to support the Peruvian conservation effort. So buy a frog from the Midwestdartfrogs table at IAD and it will be like donating that money to Understory and getting a frog in return. Positive karma all the way round.

For those frogs listed as having a Frogtracks registration, buyers will receive registration keys for frogs purchased that will allow them to register their frogs in the database and track the lineage of their frogs. Support Frogtracks!

Species - F1 Cryptophyllobates azureiventris
Line - INIBICO 2006 importation
Code - Frogtracks CAN.87.529
Age - 4-5 months old
Quantity - good supply
Price - $60 each
Pictures -
[Image: 259_5980_Azureiventris.jpg]

Species - F1 Epipedobates trivittatus 'Surinam Green'
Line - Root bloodline from WC pair
Code - Frogtracks ETG.10.4C3
Age - 5 months old
Quantity - good supply
Price - $40 each
Pictures -
[Image: 215_1559_GreenTriv.jpg]

Species - Dendrobates lamasi 'panguana'
Line - Phil Tan
Code - none
Age - 9-12 months old sexed but unproven pairs
Quantity - good supply
Price - $120 per pair
Pictures -
[Image: 260_6098.jpg]

Species - F2 Dendrobates tinctorius 'New River'
Line - Quality Captives
Code - Frogtracks DTN.70.56B
Age - 5-6 months old
Quantity - limited quantities
Price - $45 each
Pictures -
[Image: 220_2054_NewRiver.jpg]

Species - Dendrobates auratus 'green and bronze'
Line - Quality Captives
Code - none
Age - 5 month old juveniles to 11 month old subadults
Quantity - limited quantities
Price - $30 each
Pictures -
[Image: 200_0071_GreenBronze.jpg]

Species - Dendrobates amazonicus 'red' Sale Pending
Line - Todd Kelley
Code - none
Age - 7 months old
Quantity - 3.1 group
Price - $300
Pictures -
[Image: 261_6158.jpg]

Species - Dendrobates leucomelas
Line - none
Code - none
Age - 3-4 months old
Quantity - reasonable
Price - $40 each
Pictures -
[Image: 232_3220.jpg]

Species - F1 Dendrobates pumilio 'Man Creek' Sale Pending

Line - Root bloodline from FR pair obtained from William Soled in 2005
Code - Frogtracks DPM.5B.4C4
Age - 3 months old
Quantity - 3 juveniles
Price - $80 each
Pictures -
[Image: 231_3177.jpg]

Some additional surprises

Sure I could tell you what they are but then they wouldn't be a surprise :wink:

Contact me with questions about the frogs or if you want to prearrange a deal via this board or at

I thank you for your interest and Peruvian biodiversity thanks you even more....cya at IAD.

Bill Heath
Well done Bill.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
Thanks Rich...I'm pretty psyched about IAD this year. Hopefully the Understory effort will get some good support.


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