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fighting or mating?
I have two yellowbacks that were out of the water 11/10/06 and seems like their either fighting or trying to mate. Are they too young to mate? I currently have them separated, but the one that seemed like it was getting picked on had his rear toes twitching and was breathing or moving his airsac really fast. Neither one is sexed yet. How do you sex them by the way? The bully looked like it kept smacking the other one, and had it cornered, but then it looked like it had the other one turned around and was gonna crawl on it's back. What was going on between them? Some kinky fun, or egos?
are these two frogs in a tank by theirselves?
They are too young to breed.
If you could post a picture some of us could give it our best shot at trying to sex them. 5-6 months is a little too young to to be certain. Typically what you look for is overall body shape, females will be larger, and will have a more pronounced angle on their back, and smaller front toe pads. Males will have a small more streamlined body, larger front toe pads.
Twitching toes is a normal behavior. No one really knows why they do it, some believe it is a feeding reponse, kind of like a 'lure'.
Keep a close eye on them, and be sure both are getting their share of food. If one is not getting their share of food, or this continues to escalate, you need to separate them.

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