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35gal viv Plus- DIY auto MISTING SYSTEM

Finished my 2nd viv ( 35gallon ) a couple weeks back, but with the strain of a busy work week, party nights in Austin, and a wanning desire to learn all the features on a new camera.... pics have been delayed Wink

Here are some pics of the tank, home to 3 leucs. 2 juevies and one adult.

Here we have Titan and Mickie hunting some uncooperative FF's.
[Image: frogapril1.jpg]

Interesting effect with the "FROG BLUR" of motion... kinda Matrix-ee ?!?! Tongue
[Image: frogjump.jpg]

And several randoms.........

[Image: frogapril.jpg]

[Image: frogapril2.jpg]

[Image: frogapril3.jpg]

Allright... now to the good stuff. On this tank I have a pond area and waterfall... but still wanted to be able to Mist the whole system. I was able to find a GREAT tutorial on how to build your own MISTING SYSTEM from a pressure sprayer, water sprinkler timer and solenoid, and some odd and ends fittings to complete it out.
[Image: mistingsystemassemblydiagram_MED.gif]

Here is the link to check out the tutorial on a simple step-by-step :

What began as just a dresser to take the tank up to eyeball level, was soon converted to hold the MISTING SYSTEM, FF's, and digital electrical timers. Soon to be added will be a cool mist humidifier.

How it looks closed :
[Image: frogapril7.jpg]

And open:
[Image: frogapril6.jpg]

I have 2 misting nozzles positioned along the ceiling area and one plumbing and recessed in the substrate that angles up to cover the moss areas.
One of the misters on the right side :
[Image: frogapril5.jpg]

Frogs in the mist !
[Image: frogapril4.jpg]

I'm very happy with the MISTING SYSTEM. I can use the timer manually to mist just for several minutes, or program it to hit on a daily or ever couple day cycle several minutes. I have a 2 gallon pressure sprayer, and it only seems to need a recharge pumping every 4-5 days.

Very beautiful and love the motion shots! What kind of substrate did you use? Is standard peat o-k for the top layer for my 10gal? :roll:

~~~~ Thanks for the kind words. The tank was BEAUTIFUL when I had clumps of irish and scott moss in there. However, these types of "ferns" don't take the wetness to well, and they need mega light, otherwise the mush up Sad

As far as substrate, I have a false bottom with the light diffuser grid supported by 3"pieces of pvc. The window mess on that, then a layer of aquarium gravel and then I used lizard litter and a touch of top soil. I covered it all with local carpet moss that I cultivated nearby, and some tropical moss. I hear straight peat is allright. Keep it moist, as if it's to dry it clings all over the frogs, and to much of this can stress them out Sad

Thanks! I do in fact have a fairly large clump of scottish moss that is taking over my 10gal already! Your Viv is beautiful and very inspiring



WOW !! SLIP I'm jealous !! Mine bit the dust in 3 weeks Sad It looked so nice and natural ! I have one little clump above on the background... close to the light and out of direct misting. It's the only survivor. Tongue
You can see it in the corner here :

[Image: moss.jpg]

My Aquarium is a wide 10gal, and my light may be a it too powerful but im not sure... I have a Coralife™ Colormax Freshwater Aquarium Daylight Lamp; 18" and 15watt. Im not sure if a D. Leuc will get fried or not Confusedhock: but what do you think? I will be getting a pair this weekend at the Raleigh Reptile Expo.

I have no idea how to upload pictures on a thread either!


Thanks for sharing the misting system, Thats awesome!
I really like the vivarium too!


[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

On those garden sprayers you'll wan't to watch the diaphrams.Holding pressure tends to wear them quicker,Usually on the directions it will state to release pressure.I don't know squat about vivs yet but reading the posts and learning,I had an idea,you can use a fire extinguisher.They are intended for high pressure retention for long periods of time.

Oops.I forgot to compliment you on your setup.Very cool.
Why does'nt anyone use undergravel filters for false bottoms?


How do I upload pictures on a thread?

DDinox.... thanks the for the kind words. I'll be on the watch for any weakening on the diaphragm in this pressure sprayer. Wink We'll see how long it'll last. Even if it laster a year, not to bad I suppose... just replace for $15.99 Wink
I don't think many use undergravel filters because ........... ???????????
haha.... good question ? In all my research I've never heard ANYONE mention using a undergravel fish filter ? Maybe those are just to close to the bottom ?
See,... the nice thing with taking pvc pipe and cutting them to whatever height you need to elevate the light diffuser grid bottom ( mine is up about 3inches) Is that this allows a water area deep enough for a small pump. I have a smallish 40gph pump in there for the waterfall. I needed the water deep enough to cover it, while still elevating the bottom substrate above and away from this column of water. Impossible with a underwater filter.
Some folks don't have any pumps, sooooooooooo... I suppose you could lay down that plastic undergravel filter,.. then bury it with leca balls, large gravel... what ever. Not sure you'ld get any benifit from it though.

With no aeration to move the water under the plastic filter and through the substrate... there is no noticable BIO going on to help water conditions... its all just stagnant water.

Sliperhead-- I'll PM you instructions for posting pics ;P)

[Image: family.jpg]

[Image: family1.jpg]

[Image: family2.jpg]

[Image: family3.jpg]

Have your leucs ever bred? Tongue Im planning to get a pair for my viv and was wondering(If yours did) how to raise Leuc eggs, to tads, to juvies?[/url]

~ Slip..... with 2 juevies and one adult I don't think I see any mating for a while. That's even is I have at least one female and male in there. I really don't know.. they aren't sexed.

I purchased the 2 juevies last year as frog lets, and was hoping to grow them out and see who calls and who does not. I don't even know the sex of Titan ?!?!? I was hinging on the fact that when they do come into season... I might hear some calling.

If I do have a female and male... the breeder told me the best thing to do is get a coco hut and a petri dish or small plastic lid and set the hut over it. Add in a little water... and WAMMO !

Should be eggs in there with time. I've heard countless others claim this method always produces and they do prefer a dark spot and shallow area to lay. Once laid you can put the eggs in a cup or small container till they hatch to tads. Then separate them into their own cups so they don't cannabilize.

Keep the water fresh ever couple days and feed tad bites or fish food. Even pond water can be used with some of the algae for them to feed on. Once they start to morph and are getting both back and front legs and tail is absorbed.. .place into a lidded container to hold them. A slew of info can be found under the BREEDING link on Dendro.


Does that make sense?Guys in here must not be married,I can't get my wife excited about this stuff.Flowers in vase she goes gaga for,in a little environment alive and growing not so gaga.
Anyways,I was thinking of raising the undergravel filter by adding some pvc under it,besides I already own it...I guess for the first,hopefully not the last I guess it's sort of trial and error.

Hahahahah..... I must have lucked out then, Mickie LOVES the frogs ??!?! SHe wants some of her own ?!!? She was the one that bought me the juevies last year, and now wants some COBALTS of her own Smile

Ohhhh.. I see. I get what your saying now about the undergravel filter. Your using it like the light diffuser grid as support. I thought you meant using it just like in a aquarium. Well then,... your way will work for sure. Nothing wrong with what you use as a support,as long as water can wick down through it and prevent your substrate from becoming a soggy, mud mess. GO FOR IT ! Tongue


I will be recieving my leucs in 3 days. Tongue

For starters, should I be quarantining them and get them tested for parasites before placing them in the viv or is this necessary? If so, what kind of quarantine do I need. Also, If there is anything else you believe I should know please say something.

Thanks :wink:

Very nice vivarium! Great plantings! Looks like the leucs fam is making good use of the area...

Best of luck!


Wow, nice job on the misting system.

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