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"Tropical" Moss turning brown - help

I have a good amout of live tropical moss in my 35 gal viv. I cant keep it from slowly turning brown. My humidity stays around 75%, but is this too low for that type of moss ?

Depending on the species if moss, my best guess is that the light is either not adequate or to intense for that particular species, I have a 30 gallon with several species, which i placed in there in certain areas, the one species of moss died, turning brown as your is, and it was in direct sunlight, but the same species of moss began growing in more shady areas of the tank, while a smaller different species of moss began growing the areas of intense light. Well this is my guess as to your problem. Hope this helps.


thanks for the response i will give different lighting a try.

On this topic, can everyone who has, or even just knows something about varieties of mosses, please give some input on:

1) Where to get these varieties
2) Requirements of the species in question
3) Recommendations/suggestion to those of us "not in the know" about this issue

This way people can go to this one thread and find all the info they need to get and keep these mosses. Big Grin

I have the infirmation for 4 different species of mosses for my business, Once i get another digital camera (dog ate it :evil: ) ill post some pictures and information of the different kinds that i know of.


Rih, just out of curiosity... did you dog really eat your camera?!

unfortunately yes...i have a chocolate lab, he destroyed it, broke the lcd screen, and cracked the lense, practically had the thing in two pieces by the time i got home.

Needless to say, i wont be leaving any cameras on the coffee table anymore.


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