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FS Orange Lamasi Tads and Intermedius

I have some Orange Lamasi Tads for sale. I Just dont have the time right now to take care of so many surplus tads so i need to get rid of some... Price per tad is $65 + shipping . Pm me but its best if you email me">

Here is a picture of one of the parents.
[Image: DendrobatesLamasiOrange.jpg]

P.S these guys take a few months to achieve Orange colon, they will be gold at first. Some will always retain a bit of goldish tint but with some orange and some will become bright red.

Also have a bunch of Intermedius froglets from 2-4 months of age. $70 each or $60 when you buy 3 or more.

tadpoles are never $65, there usually $5-$20. If you sill have the tadpoles and would like to sell them at this price range, i will be willing to buy a couple.

feel free to email me at



Josh, first of all this ad is 6 month old.

Second, are you familiar with the orange lamasi?

Third, I thought you lived in Conneticut.

fourth, rofl!

Word: Newb...

Not to pile on or anything. BUT, If you are so interested in tadpoles, why are you selling your proven pair of goldust bastis? You say they lay every week, you should have plenty of tads....NO? :wink:

First... HAHAHAHA!!!
Second, as Cindy said, you have no idea what orange lamasi are apparently.
Third, yeah, the ad is pretty old as Damian doesn't even have em anymore... look at the dates.
Fourth, pretty good point... why are you looking for Basti tads if you have a proven pair of Bastis??
Fifth, sixth, seventh.... ah hell, does it even matter anymore, I think the point is made...

Ohh god i feel loved , all the support hahahaaahhhahahahha

Anyways just saying hello , figured ide respond lol ....


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