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Hobby breeding container type and size ?

I was curious what people use when breeding their dart frogs. I have read 2 darts per 10 gallon aquarium. Is it possible to use something smaller and get results? Does anyone use any Rubber made products? Could you breed a pair of darts in a shoe box?

I have seen some people keep thumbnail species in smaller enclosures, say 5 gallons, but I wouldn't suggest going any smaller. As far as rubber maid products go;I think that they would be suitable providing you have a large enough container and the lid fits tightly to prevent escape. You want to remember that the Viv, or rubbermaid container, needs to be able to sustain high humidity levels. Using a "shoe box" would not be a good idea because of this. Hope this helps a little.


i wouldn't go any smaller than a 10 gallon, i asked a breeder at the herp show in Manchester this year the same question. he said they wouldn't breed, im using 15 gallon tanks right now, and so far i've had good results. But as for using anything smaller than a 10gal, id advise against it, and as for rubermaid, it would work, they would just be able to climb it much easier, and make sure its tall, as shorter tanks also deter them from breeding, or so the breeder told me. Hope this helps.

What are you guys breeding?

im breeding, galacs, auratus, blueberries, and soon i will be breeding lucs, and citronella tincs.

2 29 gallon tank w/running streams, 30 gallon with running stream and water drip onto cork bark backgroud, all fully planted, also 2 15 gallon fully planted.

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