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Darts eating darts ?

Ever have or hear of adult darts eating other juvenile darts?

I'm a little worried because I just got two new Auratus' and I wanted to add them with my other two but the two I have are adults, and the ones I just received are a lot smaller, about the size of a large cricket. The two I have are a little over a quarter size and these ones are just under a dime? At first I didn't even think to be concerned but then I realized how small the ones I just got are?

Any suggestions? Also if I can't house these four together any ideas on how to create a tank that'll work for these two small ones. Something inexpensive and temporary would be best. Thanks.

The adults will not eat the young ones.
You do need to be concerned about the adults stressing the little ones, and out competeing the little ones for food. I would suggest keeping the little ones in a temporary tank until they get a little more size on them. It is a good idea to quarantine any newly aquired frogs anyway.

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