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Problems I have with Dart Den

I rarely post on this board because it appears my computer/user account hates me. Here is a list of some of the problems I have on this site:

-I never get a notification that a post has been made in a thread I posted in. "Always notify me of replies:" is checked yes in my profile.

-I also never get an email when I get private messages.

-I'm signed up for the daily digests and I will get them for a few days and then I'll go months without another one and then a few days in a row I'll get them, etc.

-Half the time when I want to post a reply, and I hit the reply button the site just redirects me back to the homepage for this site.

-Whenever I hit "View posts since last visit" (whether I'm logged in or not) it asks me to login and then after I login, it says "no topics meet those search criteria"

I'm using IE 7. I've cleared my cache, erased my history, and deleted my temp files numerous times to no avail. Should I just create a new account (I need to change my screen name anyways...)

have you emailed Corey?


Alright, I have now created a new account (long over due anyways).

Quote:have you emailed Corey?

I did in the past, but we could never figure out the root cause. I'm hoping changing accounts and the email address associated with the account should fix things. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!

Instead of using interned explorer try downloading Mozilla Firefox, it is a much better internet browser, its free, and unlike IE7.0 and all the other versions I've never had any of the problems with windows 98,XP,NT, and now Vista using Mozilla! Its worth a try, and I can not recommend this enough!

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