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Chocolate Leucomelas Price
I'm interested in buying a chocolate leucomelas but I think it's way over priced compared to the common yellow morph. Here's a link to where there sold. They are a newly discovered morph. The black is replaced by a chocolate color. ... ry_Code=AA
Just wait then, in a couple/few years, Im sure they'll be down to $50 or so. I personally think the nominal morph is much more attractive.
Now that I think about it,they're probably so expensive because they are more rare and not well established in breeding or in the hobby in general.
Exactly, just give them time. So far, they appear to reproduce just as fast as nominal leucs, so Im sure we'll all be overrun with them in no time. :wink:
Seems like I had recently read somewhere that dart frogs were illegal to own in Connecticut.
If that's true it's all good I already have them. But I don't think it is.
I believe they are as well.
I just saw chocolate leucs posted for $65. Looks like they are already coming down in price.

Dart frogs are illegal in your state - you might want to remove that from your profile.
What are you talking about,I don't live in CT. Where are the Chocolate Leucs. at?
does anyone have a list of states that outlaw poison dart frogs? i know my state is legit, but just out of curiosity.
I'd be interested in this list too.


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