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19 gallon,first setup

Well i'm done,no diary just pics of the finished product.Humidity seems to run high but I can open it some and it dissapates.Will have to put screen on rear of hood to safe gaurd against escapes if I put animals in.
Also a pic of my next project,I got it for free.It's a 47 gallon with half a screen top.Thinking toads maybe.A question I have is it okay for the greatstuff to be constantantly wet as it is in the pool area?Thanks

What are you planning to put in this setup?

As for the Great Stuff in the water area, there is some controversy as to if it will break down over time, and or release harmful chemicals.
If you look on the Great Stuff website the claim it can be used to fix leaks in ponds and waterfalls. We prefer to use the Beckett's product that is specifically designed for this purpose. It is called 'Waterfall Foam Sealant', and it is a dark grey color, it sets up a lot quicker than the GS, and is easier to work with. The only drawback is that it is more expensive.

I have no idea,up for suggestions as what this looks like it could handle.Thanks

Good or bad lets hear them.Plants are doing good though no new pics.Humidity runs high but I guess that's an easy fix with a partial screen top seeing that if I crack the lid the glass clears up.The cost of frogs in Ca. is utterly ridiculous so it sits empty while planning something in the other.

there are plenty of breeders around who will ship! as for the humidity, if you are thinking about darts, then not to worry as high humidity is necessary. look around, a larger dart pair would probably be suitable.

If you are planning on darts, you need to be careful with the Spanish moss, I have heard of frogs getting tangled in it.
You might consider stacking some stones in the water for a transition to the land, the shoreline looks a little steep, some frogs might have trouble getting out especially if they are small (young).

Auratus, truncatus, galactonotus, or leucomelas would be good candidates.

Nice...input..I thought about that for the water area.In the front there is more of a slope going to the left and I also thought about just filling that area up with more rock.It might be all of an inch and half deep.If and when I get darts that Spanish moss will come out,thanks for the clue.I did find a store that the other end of the county with really good prices and only 24 bucks for shipping no matter quantity.That would be cheaper than driving.Thanks for looking

very nice viv you have...

Where in California are you?

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

Looks nice!

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