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Help me out please guys
looking for information on dartfrog breeding and also dartfrog feeding behaviour please guys.

im doing my dissertation on it and so i need to know alot, also looking for any species that can be sold in pairs or groups (i have an allocated spend of £50 lol (pityfull eh) ) or donated / lent to the research for a period of 6 months from july 22nd as PDF can now be sent to uk as i understand.

i have kept PDF for about 5 yrs before i went to uni, and so have a decent understanding.

any info, help or ideas on species, any available would be great.

a copy of my dissertation will be placed on the site once complete and will be available, leather bound, to anyone that can help me out on the frog front.

cheers guys
Hi Chris, welcome to the forum.

You might want to check out :

tried, they have helped with info, but I'm desperately in need of frogs.
if you only have 50 quid mate, importing frogs from the states is definitely not an option..... why not use a different study subject ? What about green tree frogs or something cheaper ?
its a really silly amount i know, iv written my pre-proposal now of 3000 words

if anyone can help out please do, need cheap, free or on loan dends, mantellas etc, sorry to have to ask guys.


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