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New to the site...have a few questions
I am contemplating building my third vivarium. I would like a low maintance set up this time. I currently have to exo terra's. I am thinking of going with a 55 Gl aquarium.

What do most of you do about the water...
Drill your aquarium then use a sump? If so, what is in the sump?

Use a canister filter?

What is the best way to go?...

In one of my set up I used the GS with the co co bedding on the background... loved the look, but hated the mess. I have 4 green tree frogs and they would get on the background then track it all around the glass.

I have a mixed enviroment of crested geckos, green tree frogs, fire bellied toads, red eyed tree frog, and a long tailed lizard. Any thoughts or direction?


I hope to one day build a PDF vivarium... but I haven't yet gotten comfortable with these low maintance reps to feel that dart frogs are right for me.
Hi Steph,
welcome to the forum.

We usually drill larger tanks, and use canister filters, to power the water feature as well as filtering the water.

In your setup that has the Great Stuff and coco bedding, did you use silicone to adhear the coco bedding, or just pressed the coco into the Great Stuff while it was wet?

I'm not a fan of mixed tanks.
I used the silicone. I'm thinking that maybe I did to big of an area at once and my silicone didn't hold the coco like it would have had it been "wetter".
It could be that the silicone skinned over before you could get the coco pressed in. We usually work in small sections (approx 6" x 6") at a time.
You will usually have bare spots, but you just go back over them. Also be sure that the coco is throughly dry.
Thanks Cindy!

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