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Hello, and my plan!!
Hi all my name is Joe. I am a complete noob when it comes to dart frogs so please be ready for lots of beginner questions, and maybe some really bad ideas.

Here is the plan for my dart frog tank,

So I have decided to put some dart frogs in my 72. I am going to take my time and build the tank slowly researching every step I take. Any suggestions are more than welcome. I also plan to use a ten gallon "sump" to house the fogger, a filter to clean the water and a pump for whatever water features I use.

So that is the plan, I hope to have ten frogs all of the same species (to prevent hybrids) and will probably sell the babies to help support my fish habit, and maybe start another frog tank.

Second I am planning 4 inches of water with about a 2 gallon water area showing, the rest of the water will be under a false bottom. I was thinking like 4 tetras. Then there will be a hole drilled for an overflow going to a sump with a pump that will run two water features (a waterfall on each side going into the pond area), the sump will also house the pump for whatever fogger system I decide on.

I plan to have the background go from very thin at top to about 2-3 inches thick at the bottom to help create a natural look.

I am also interested in keeping thing very natural so if anyone can supply some links to places that sell supples (bark, cork round, moss, plants, possibly mushrooms that are safe for the frogs) that are good quality it would be appreciated. I am also looking for plants that would thrive under NO lighting.

Hopefully I have given you a good idea of what I am trying to do.
Any body have any thoughts or suggestions??
Your plan sounds really good, be sure to post pictures- i would love to see the tank when you finish it. Have you tried - they have a lot of supplies and tons of plants to choose from.

Yes I have seen black jungle. It is going to take me quite a while to build this setup. I figure around 6-9 months, then another 3 for it to mature before I put frogs in. I only want to build it once and I want it to be perfect every step of the way.
I was at the store tonight and decided that I am going to set up a 10 gallon first just for practice. I will post pics as I go.
Quote:I was at the store tonight and decided that I am going to set up a 10 gallon first just for practice.

That is so smart. Sometimes it takes a little practice getting a terrarium to look like what you envision in your mind. Trust me when you are done with your 10 gallon, you will sit back and think "I should have...". Saying that after doing a 10 gallon is one thing, but to have the same "I should have..." thoughts going through your mind after investing in a 72 gallon tank is painful. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!
Thanks!! I got a start on it and have already had a few of these thoughts and planed things I will do differently.

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