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whole setup- 4 vivariums, adult azureus, other supplies
I am getting out of the dart frog hobby. I would love to sell everything together if someone is interested in buying everything and I would also be willing to sell individual tanks or supplies. I will also ship the azureus if someone is interested. I live in Cumming, GA 30040. If you are interested in anything listed here pm me or email me at Thanks for looking.

2 Female adult azureus (about 2 years old) $50 each

3 ten gallon horizontal vivariums
(all 3 are planted, have backgrounds, glass tops, a leca layer for drainage and dendro bedding for substrate)

1 ten gallon vertical (background, leca layer and dendro bedding, front opening glass door with a screen and drain)

1 empty ten gallon tank with screen top

1 glass top for 10 gallon

4 wire shelves

fruit fly culturing supplies
springtail culture
zoomed habba mist mister
hand mister
bucket of extra leca
3 coco huts
Petri dishes
Half bag of tree fern fiber
Half can great stuff
Plant pots
Supplies for making vents for vertical viv.
Other misc. supplies

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