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Just starting - Please check My Viv

Just starting to get together an aquarium to house some poison darts. I'm new to this, but have owned tree frogs before. I have a 20 gal and have purchased most of my supplies. So far I have some cork board on the back and have put in my substrate. I only have a mesh screened top, do I need to have a glass or fiber glass top in order for things to work or can I just cover half of the screen I already have? Also do I need to have a light in order to increase temps/humidity? Not sure what they are in there don't have a gauge yet. I have bark chips, coco fiber, moss and aquarium rocks. Would it be ok to make a mixture of these, I'm afraid that the bark chips or rocks might be small enough for the frogs to accidentally eat them and die. I'm just setting up and haven't purchased the frogs yet (thinking two); having a hard time finding any in my area (nw suburbs of chicago). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Welcome to the hobby dunhac82.

I would suggest an all glass top, or at least 80% glass to help maintain the humidity level.
You need to be careful about your light selection, as you do not want to raise the temps in the tank too much.

As for your substrate you might want to consider covering it with some leaf litter, or live moss, this will lessen the possibility of the frogs ingesting the substrate.

Pete Mertens is in your area ( St. Charles), he has a nice selection of vivarium supplies. You might want to give him a call and talk to him about your set up and frogs. You can reach Pete at: 630-479-3764.

Don't forget, MWFF is just around the corner, there will be a lot of vendors there with frogs and supplies.


Thanks Cindy. I've already finished my setup and gotten some plants in there. I used a mixure of bed-a-beast coco fiber, forest chips and flukers moss. I used pebbles around my water dish. I might go to the MWFF; not too sure yet. I still have to work on getting FF cultures going. I will post pics when I get the chance.

Sounds like you have things under control.
We would enjoy seeing pictures of your set up!

It is a good idea to start culturing your flys a few weeks prior to getting your frogs.

here is my setup so far

got some plants
suzi wong

It looks like you have a neo brom planted in your substrate. They usually get too wet planted directly in the substrate. They like to keep their roots fairly dry. We normally plant them into the background or in holes in some wood. Also keep them away from any waterfall or body of water.

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