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Best Dart Frogs for a very wet substrate ?
OK so I've had a vivarium up for about a year. I've been using it to keep green tree frogs. I have had success with my plants but it seems that only the ones that I buy from local stores seem to work. I have broms of course but I haven't had much success with anything other than very hardy plants that are readily available. I have a water feature that is made of driftwood and subsequently water seeps through and makes my substrate extremely wet. I'm using cocos fiber on top of leca. My tree frogs have died (greens are hard to keep alive) and I am looking for dendrobates that like to have wet soil and are good climbers. I hand mist and have a GS background that is never particularly wet. It is a 30 gal tall and the temp and humidity are about 75 each, respectfully. Can anyone give me ideas on what the best frogs are for a tank like this? I will post some pics if that will help. Thanks to whomever responds.
I don't want to push you away, but if you are have trouble with green tree frogs - dendrobates are a little harder to maintain.

Pictures of the tank would be great. Depending on how wet your substrate is, really depends if you can house any dendrobates at all.
Also, do you know why the treefrogs died? If you bought them at a pet store, they were most likely wild caught, and your viv could contain any parasites they were carrying. It would have to be sterilized and re setup before the introduction of any other animal(s).
This is true. Maybe I should just leave it setup for the plants, (it does look nice) and start over on with a larger footprint. Better to do it that way I suppose. Thanks. I still post some pics of it. Now where did my wife put my camera ?

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