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Breeding O. pumilio "Bastimentos" morph

I was wondering if any of you had experience breeding these frogs and if you could give me any suggestions.

At this moment, I have the vivarium at 27 degrees celsius & humidity 75-80 degrees. There is 1 male and 2 females in a 15 gallon vertical vivarium with 1 bromelia & other plants. The male frog only seems to call when there is another frog approaching. Although, he even called when we had him in the other tank mixed with other males (this could have been territorial though).

Is there anything else we should do to get them mating ?

Lighting or anything else ?

Thanks for any input,


The Temp sounds good for pums. I haven't bred bastis but I have with the man creeks. You'll definitely need more bromeliads in there or film canisters. They will most likely still breed even if there aren't any broms. My pums usually end up breeding after it is warm and I mist alot. Raise the humidity by increasing mistings and possibly play a call of a pumilio near the tank.

The male calling in the tank with the other males is extremely territorial. Male pums don't get along. They'll wrestle and sometimes one will end up winning by eternal k.o. usually caused by stressing the other male out.

Pums do best in pairs in my opinon. in a 15 gallon vert, they might be ok with 1.2, but i'd go with 1.1 personally.

Thx kasey,

That was really helpful.

I will do exactly what you said.

I do have 1 film canister in there but i will put few more.



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