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newbie need help
hi i am just thinking about pdf so how in the world do u have such beautiful tanks

were do u get your plants

how do u keep the temp and humidy right

how do you have water in the bottom what filter ect.

how do u get a fogger or sprayer or what ever it is

I'll try to answers your questions, but the key is research - if you really are interested in the hobby then first start to research these question for more details.

You can order plants through well known web sites.
Black Jungle:

Temperature and humidity
Can be taken care of by misting with spring or rain water, along with correct lighting. There is a number of different ways this can be accomplished.

Filter Water
This also can be done in many different ways also. One way is by inserting a drain tube. Once again, you will want to do more research on how to filter water.

Foggers and Spray
Spray bottom, Cool Water Humidifier, or

There are numerous web site, to help with construction, planting, and care of PDFs.

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