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My Viv construction so far: suggestions, tips, comments ?

So here is my Vivarium so far, please tell me what you think, this will be the home for an Azureus, and possibly an auratus (if i can find any information about shared housing of two species) it is a 20g tall, with water feature (waterfall) open pond area (where i plan to add another land mass) and a fogger.

[Image: DSCN0161.jpg][/img]

It is recommended that you do not mix an azureus, and an auratus. Pick one or the other but not one of each.

It would be helpful if your tank had more land, less water . More plants also. The frogs will feel more secure in a heavier planted tank.

You mentioned a fogger. If you are considering one of the disc types that you place in the water area, I would recommend against it. Those are more trouble than they are worth, and pose a danger to the frogs.

What type of lid do you have for your tank?

What type of lighting?

Be sure you get a GOOD quality digital theremometer to check your tank temps before you introduce your frogs. Ideally with the light on, lid closed, your tank temprature should not go above 80 degrees.

Thank you for the information on mixing species (what I kind-of thought)

What are some simple types of plants to do? (maybe not simple but readily available?)

I do have a disc-type of fogger, but am completely willing to remove it. Running the waterfall has kept the humidity between 87-95%

My lid is the typical 24" florescent hood (black with front lid, and area to cut out for filter if used on a fish tank) I've left it sealed as much as possible with the exception of the two slots for electrical cords which I imagine will do okay in ventilation. thank for your input, any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

ALSO - what type of foam are people using as their backgrounds base?

Some of the plants that will do very well in that set up are:
creeping fig
sygonium rayii
pilea microphylla
scindapsus pictus
philodendron (small leaf varieties).
Most of these are available at your local garden center, be sure to thourghly rinse all plants before putting them in your vivarium.

I would suggest that you replace the lid you have with a solid glass lid.
Than plastic lid does not fit securely enough, and will offer the frogs the opportunity to escape not to mention the fruit flys.

You will find that most people are using Great Stuff spray foam. We prefer to use the Pond and Waterfall Foam by Beckett. The beckett product is more expensive but it is designed specifically for use in ponds and waterfalls, not to mention is dries to the touch in approx 15 minutes,and is is workable in about an hour, full cure is achived in 24 hours.

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