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My Vid construction SO far UPDATED!: suggestions/comments
Here is the new design, took into account some of the suggestions given in the previous thread! Thank you for your tips/comments/suggestions, the more the better off I am!

I will be making some trips to plant stores/garden centers to try and find some of the plants you've all mentioned.

[Image: DSCN0163.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0164.jpg]
Well I have added some plants (ones that were recommended) I now have (what I believe to be):a little pilea microphylla, a philodendron, and a pleurothallis sphaerar correct me if my identification is incorrect.

[Image: DSCN0171.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0172.jpg]
Your getting there.
Looks like the pillow moss you have in there probably will not make it. Do you have acces to 'clean' leaf litter? Meaning leaf litter from an area that has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides. That would make a nice ground cover for the bare areas.
I'm a little confused about the pleurothallis, which one are you calling that?
An improvement for sure. Looks a little soaked in there though. Perhaps build up up the drainage layer or drop the water level.
I'm not sure... I believe that is one of the taller plants in the back corner... May look a little damp due to recently planting everything... Substrate is about 3/4" above the rock/drainage layer.... Should work okay? Though the water coming off my log does splash a little bit.... I Think i may get rid of the moss that I am using, though is a live and well the microphylla is much better looking and softer to the touch..... Getting high humidity plants in my area is next to impossible lol, they had only three of the 12 plants I was looking for.
I think on my next tank (oh yes there will be more lol) I may do an interesting background using the foam, but I like the open feel of this tank, and am thinking of the simple tape on the back background to give a little depth.... ?

Here is what I hope to be the final version of this viv, with the exception of adding some of the pilea microphylla, and maybe a blue orchid!

[Image: DSCN0185.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0186.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0187.jpg]
That looks good. Give those plants sometime to fill in and it will really be nice.
Backgrounds can offer additional planting options.

Few people can stop with one tank! This can be addictive.

Looks like you have analog gauges. Be careful, those can be highly inaccurate.

I would suggest lots of leaf litter. You may find that the moss in the viv dies after a few months (maybe weeks). Leaf litter gives lots of places for little feeder bugs to hide and grow. It is also more accurate to what is found in dart habitat.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
Thanks. I will have to see what i can find,,, most everything that is needed for the frogs is not available in my location, so 1: i'm ordering online a lot, and 2: doing tons of research and incorporating all of your suggestions, thanks.
they wouldn't swim in it and they could drown you only need i little water dish
i'd keep it like in the last pic
much better
here is a picture of my second tank... want to get a couple of broms, and an orchid and replace a couple of those tropical plants... also want riccia to do more ground cover, and i plan on removing the 'stream' to provide more ground area,,, auctually i should just get another tank, lol,,, maybe a 40-55g.

[Image: DSCN0225.jpg]
viv looks good, you have made great improvements since version 1.0 :-) the tank will grow in nicely.
I agree, I like this version. The background turned out good. If you are planning to put leucomelas in this tank, I would keep the pond, the leucs will appreciate it.

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