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Dendrobates tinctorious 'Yellowback' Vivarium
Yellowbacks have a new tank.
Very nice. Looks like a cube, what size, brand? A pond only or waterfall/ steam?
Hi Matthew.
Actually, that is a 20H turned, so you are looking through one end of the tank. We configure our breeder tanks this way so we can fit more tanks on the racks. No running water, they do have a pond area in the front where the rocky area is. Water is deep enough, that dad drops tadpoles off every chance he gets!
Cindy, very nice! I like the river stone "cut bank" a lot. Do you have any close-ups of the plants nearer the back? Plants are some of my fav features of PDF tanks.
that looks like a lot of riccia! I like the tank cindy, did you use the eggcrate method?

Thanks Mike and Chris! I will try to get some pictures of the back of the tank. We use the "cut bank" for most of our breeder setups.

Chris, we started with about a 12 in. square, and it has grown together and filled in nicely. Yes, this tank is a false bottom with eggcrate and Hydroton.

Very nice work Cindy 8)

I'm a little lost on the cut bank thing, could you explain what you mean :? :oops:
Hi Paul,

I'm sure it could mean a host of things really, but to me it's a geologic term describing the outside of a meander in a river; opposite the point bar or inside of the meander. The cut bank side of a river will usually have larger sized particles deposited due to higher energy and the point bars are generally sandy because the water energy is lower. The way the stones are arranged in her tank kinda reminded me of this. I hope this isn't too detail heavy.... Cheers! Mike
This is a shot of the back portion of the yellowbacks tank.
Planting includes Sinningia, Hoya, Aeschynanthus, Doryopteris cordata, and some misc ferns that have popped up in the tree fern panel.

Very nice choices! I really like colors and contrasting shapes of the leaves...

Do you know what kind of fern the treefern fibers gave rise to? Do you know if that is something common? In either case, I hope it happens to my tank too!!!! =]]

yup tree fern sprouts all kinds of goodies Big Grin awesome stuff to use in a viv!
Mike, as Paul said, you will get all sorts of plants popping up in the vivarium. I have no idea what type of ferns (hummm...maybe ...tree ferns?!?!) these are, but they grow very well! The yellowbacks have tracked some pieces of riccia onto the tree fern panel, and it looks like it is starting to take hold. It should look very interesting in a few months.
Quote:yup tree fern sprouts all kinds of goodies

Care to share a "tree fern goodies" anecdote with us? I am intrigued... and I haven't come across many stories.

It looks great now, I'd love to see more pics after things grow in too. Wonder if you can bonsai tree ferns... =))
It is a nice tank.

Here are my tank for the yellow blak.


Willkommen, Philip! Wie geht's? I recently joined here too... Wow, I must say your tank is very beautiful and looks very natural! Great choices on the plants!

Take care,
Ok, Phillip wins!
Very nice Phillip!
What are the dimensions of the tank?
Hi thanks

its 1.60 long 0.70 deep and 0.90 high it all in meter.


Hallo rxrgneiss

Du sprichst deutsch klasse.

Haste meine suche gelsen.


Danke, Ich spreche nicht deutsch gut. My wife is from the Czech Republic and she helps me. Some of my ancestors are from Bavaria/ Germany though.

I hope your search for the Tincs goes well. Sean, owner of, is a really nice guy - I recommend giving him a call if you think he has the frogs you are looking for.

Hi Mike

I have write a email to this guy, i am waiting for answere.

My friends an I we have almost 90 morphs from dendrobates ranitomeya etc.

We are a group of 3 peoples. But we search everytime to get more.



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