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Humidity and Temperature Gauges ?

Hello, Is there some product that reads both the temperature and humidty levels and is relatively inexpensive ?

There are MANY different options for equipment in this area. I bought a digital thermometer/hydrometer from Lowe's for less than $10. It also has a remote sensor for temperature and keeps the max/mins. I think the brand is ACURITE, but I seem to remember it being packaged in a different named box.

Can anyone throw out a few good quality thermometer and hydrometer brands, or at least general types if it is improper to "endorse" a brand. I would rather spend more once, then find out a got an unreliable gauge and have to spend more on a good one.

In central NY

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This is a good one....but I'd only post it outside the viv. If that's any consolation.

Inside the viv, the humidity is so high it 'maxes out' the unit and then also drains the battery.

Best humidity gauge for inside the viv? 

My own eyeballs and fingers. Look...feel around the plants and substrate.

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