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What orchids are easy to maintain solo & in vivariums?

Hey guys, looking to get back into the dart frogs here soon.

I would like to set up a nice vivarium with a couple of orchids.

But I'm a little ways off from setting up the vivarium. In the meantime, I would like to pick up an orchid to keep in my room, but I also want to be able to transfer this orchid to the vivarium when I get it set up.

So what orchids are able to easily be kept solo in a pot, and then also will do well when transfered into a vivarium?

I am a HUGE orchid freak- it is getting hard to support both habits. I recommend a Phalaenopsis hybrid as a beginner plant. Paphiopedilums also do well in terrariums. My personal favorites are Draculas and Masdevallias, but they tend to fare poorly in dart frog terrariums Sad. If you have a cool, humid, shady spot for them, though, they are really really neat.

Hope this helps.

Pleurothallis also do well. We have used the grobyi and brighamii.

Ah, yeah. I forget about the little guys. They are interesting but they aren't beautiful by anyone's standards.

Jewel orchids also do great, it they strike your fancy. I also just finished putting a Tolumnia urophyalla in my imitator tank. This particular species is pretty much a collector's item, but there are a blue million Tolumnia hybrids out there. They are good, too, because many of them are native to the same places as dart frogs.

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