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Complete 100% Beginner - Question
So, I have never kept frogs of any kind but I was interested in trying Dart Frogs. Would it be better to gain a little experience first?
I know I've read some articles that say they aren't as difficult to keep as you might expect....

Also, how loud are their calls? Since I have never kept a frog before I don't know what to expect...
I know its my first post on this forum, But I have been around the frogging community for a few years..
I would suggest gaining some experience first, check out some of the posts from experienced froggers, and get some fruit flies to culture well in advance of purchasing frogs....Getting the timing of the flies down is one of the most important things early on.
Calls are different for most species, some are so soft you cant even hear them outside the viv (most Auratus morphs, some Tincs, Azureus), and others are quite loud, and can be heard in the next room.(Leucs, Tricolors, Lamasi)
So it depends on the species/morph.
a great website for beginner dart frog info is He has a lot of good information on a lot of different frogs as well as selling some super nice frogs.
I am wanting to set up a system for these frogs myself but was told that it would be better to start with red eyed tree frogs...after reading they call at night, I quickly changed to dart frogs (my husband would put me and the frogs out on the back deck if he got woke up to frog croaking). I have read that they are pretty quiet callers and some you may be able to hear across the room. Do the advanced dart frog keepers agree?
Red eyed tree frogs and dart frogs have different habitat requirements.

The red eyes are nocturnal, so unless you are up in the middle of the night with a red flashlight, you will usualy miss most of their activity. The dart frogs are diurnal, you will be able to watch the darts and enjoy their activity during the day.
Of the darts that are commonly available,
Leucomelas and tricolors can be the most boisterous, however most people would not consider it an annoying call. Since the darts are diurnal, for the most part they will only call during the day light hours.

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