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What dart do you reccommend for < $80 ?
I dont want it to be over 80 dollars.
Darts are a very rewarding (and addictive) passion - "hobby" may not be the best word for the vast majority of us.

For a beginner dart, Dendrobates leucomelas are very tough to beat. They are active, easy to see, you don't need to worry about sexing and they are flat-out beautiful. Auratus are great too, but tend to be shy.

I don't know what size vivarium you have planned for them, but 2 Leucs would do fine in a 20H. I would guess you could get 2 leucs for $80.00 - I have lots of froglets but they are only 2-3 months out of the water, and I like to wait until they are around 6 or 7 months before I sell them. But they are abundant in the hobby, with lots of excellent sources for you.

Good Luck,

Greg L.
thanx i mite get some leucs. but i think i'm going to get some Mantella viridis there cool. but if i dont get them i will get some leucs
Keep in mind, you may not be able to find cb mantellas - they are few and far between, for the most part. Pretty much any leuc up for sale is cb, and already used to a captive life. Leucs are vocal, group frogs, and not overly expensive.
Leucs are the best! 8)
How much can you get leucs for? I plan to get a dart or 2 pretty soon Big Grin
Leucs go for about $30-$45 depending on size, you could also go with some auratus, they are not as bold though
Leucs are great. I've had 4 for almost 3 years now, but am looking to get rid of them due to an impending move. I would recommend them as a first frog.
The type of dart you get will be determined by (1) your experience level (2) the kind of frog you like (3) the size/shape tank you have. Many who are in the hobby build their tanks around the type of frog they want. Make sure that if you are just starting out you get a hardy/bold frog and not one that hides and is easily stressed out. Lastly, if your tank has lots of floor space look into terrestrial frogs or if it has lots of height look into arboral frogs.

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