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species to get, and other questions
I have a 30 gallon hexagonal tank and was wondering witch species were best suited for the hight and size. I know that choosing the species first then the tank would have better, but I already have this tank.

These are a few of the types that I like, but I am not sure how well they will work in the tank.
D. azureus
D. auratus
D. leucomelas
D. tinctorius
Any other suggestions are welcome.

I also need to now how many would be comfortable in the tank.

I would like for the frogs to utilize the height of the tank, but a species that spends most of its time on the ground would be great too. And an out going frog that wont hide most of the time would be appreciated.
All of the frogs you listed are good for that tank. The Leucs will probably use the height more than the others. Also, Orange Galacts seem to be pretty close to Leucs in terms of climbing, and in terms of being fairly bold. I would go with 2-3 of either the Leucs or Orange Galacts.

The Tincs and Azureus are more bold than the others listed, but they do not climb as much and it is usually only recommended to keep two in a tank, due to female aggresion. But they would be great also, and there are so many colors to choose from.

The Auratus are a good group frog, but the blue forms seem to be on the shy side. The Costa Rican seem to be the most bold of the Auratus. Again I would go with 2-3.

As you can tell I like to try to give frogs about 10 gallons of space a piece.

Have you thought about maybe a trio of Imitators? They are smaller but will climb a lot and mine often go down to the ground to hunt. They are also very bold and quite forgiving for thumbnails. Other than the luecs that brettlt suggested, they also would have a louder call you will be able to enjoy. Just a thought.
Ok, I haven’t narrowed it down to fewer choices but I have taken Auratus off the list of choices. They seem like they would be too shy for me. But the Imitators seem like they might be a good choice, so they are on the list.

The only thing I don’t like about the Tinctorius and Azureus is that they do better in male/female pairs, and buying them that way, from what I've seen, seems much more expensive. But if they would be ok as a same sex pair raised from juveniles then I could afford them.

Also, the Leucomelas and Imitators are said to be loud callers. The thing about that is that the enclosure will be in my bedroom. If it is on the quieter side or only during the day I would be able to deal with it, but if it is loud and at night I would loose sleep. Also if they could be heard from other rooms my family would not appreciate it.
My Imitators call every morning between 8 and 10:30 and sometimes right after the lights go out in the evening. I've never heard them while I was trying to sleep. Their calls are loud enough to hear but it's actually quite pleasant. Not loud enough to be annoying, so unless your family is really sensitive I doubt it would bother them. I understand luecs are really loud. I don't have any (yet Big Grin ) so I would confirm that with some of the others. Both the Imi's and the luecs would do well in groups in the size viv you have. 1 thing to consider is the size. Luecs are much bigger than Imi's and easier (obviously) to see. Imi's are much smaller, and IMO you can fit 4 or 5 in your tank. Others may disagree. Just my .02 cents.
Leucs have a loud call for pdfs, but it is not exactly loud. I have a large bedroom, and I can hear them anywhere in the bedroom if the TV is not on. I can even hear them in the hall outside my room if it is otherwise quiet. Mine only call in the morning and the evening, but it is not bothersome at all. My tank is about 1 foot from where I lay my head every night, and it never causes a problem. My wife is a lighter sleeper than I, but they have never kept her awake either.

They really are a great first frog.
Thanks so much for the help everybody. I think the Leucs are the ones Im going to get! I like the Imitators, but they are more expensive and if I got four or five (since they are smaller) it would be over my budget.

I just hope I can wait. I'll be setting my tank up over the next month or two and getting the frogs sometime next year!

Thanks again to everyone. You all have been very helpful and made me feel welcome.
That sounds great. It really is best to have the tank set up for a bit before adding the frogs. You can add things like springtails right after you set it up and let them get established. You can also monitor the temps and humidity to make sure everything is working correctly.

I had my first tank set up for 3 months before I purchased my frogs, and then another month before I put them in the viv.

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