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Bromeliads available, as low as $3 ea!
Just got a new shipment with some interesting and unusual specimens. Priced as listed or:

6 smaller sized plants for $18
5 medium for $22
5 Large for $28
USPS Priority shipping extra
(Packages will be selected based on supply, but I will try to include specific plants if desired)

Aechmea Organensis
$5.50 ea.
[Image: AechmeaOrganensis.jpg]

Aechmea Echidna
Cool smaller form with striped slivery undersides
$3.50 ea.
[Image: AechmeaEchidna.jpg]

Aech. Red Ribbon
Larger plant with red varigations near the axil
$6.50 ea.
[Image: Aech.RedRibbon.jpg]

Aech. Nudicalis Burle-Marxii
Reddish purple Aechmea with some silvery striping on the undersides
$7 ea.
[Image: Aech.NudicalisBurleMarxii.jpg]

Billbergia Distachia var. Maculata
Medium sized brom with grey-green leaves that fade to burgundy at the edges
$4.75 ea.
[Image: BillbergiaDistachiavar.Maculata.jpg]

Bilmea Pasquale
Mid-size brom with pointed leaves that turn from purple at the axil to green at the tips
$5.50 ea.
[Image: BilmeaPasquale.jpg]

Neo. Camorimania
Cool little spotted Neoregelia with nice stolons. Reminiscent of a "Pepper" hybrid, but with less spotting.
$4.50 ea.
[Image: Neo.Camorimania.jpg]

Neo. Nivea
Big, broad-leaf Neo. with a deep central axil. Most have good stolons.
$8 ea.
[Image: Neo.Nivea.jpg]

Nidularium Viridipetalum
Very spacious brom with leaves in excess if 12". Would make a great accent to a 29gal vert, 30 cube, or other tall tank.
$8 ea.
[Image: NidulariumViridipetalum.jpg]

Quesnelia Imbricata
smaller, thin leaves. Not suitable for tad rearing, but would make a nice addition to a tank with more common-looking broms
$4 ea.
[Image: QuesneliaImbricata.jpg]

NOTE: I don't check pms very often, so please send any questions to
Paypal preferred, but I can also take a money order.


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