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Tinctorius vomit/wretching condition
Hi - This is my first post here so i'll just give a quick bit of background; I have a breeding pair of D. tinctorius (powder blue morph) which i took over from a friend who was unable to continue looking after them. I have had them for about 2 years (they are about 3 years old), in which time i have had to move them twice. They had started laying eggs regularly but my friend had not managed to actually hatch any tadpoles. They only laid one clutch for me, months after i took them over, and these perrished too........... I kept feeding them lots but they just didn't lay anymore.

Then my life started to get much more busy with a new job, and i had less time to spend on them. I slowly started (without noticing) to feed them less and after 6 months suddenly realised how thin the female was looking. I started a concerted effort to get as much food and vits in them as possible, and now 6 months later they have layed another clutch of eggs (only 4, but still) two of wich are now 12 day old tads!! I'm sooo excited.

But the reason for the post, as the title says, is because the female has a very disstressing (to me at least) tendancy to wretch/vomit, which started when she was thin - i put it down to all the food she was trying to deal with while thin. This did seem to stop as she fattened back up.... but this morning i caught her at it again, not holding herself up properly, with a string of saliva/stomach slime stuff hanging out her open mouth. It's not a good look. Could it just be because i'm feeding her sooo much now that she's laying again? If anyone has seen anything like this, or has any opinion about it, it would be great to hear.

Are your sure what you saw was not her eating her morning shed?

Quote:Are your sure what you saw was not her eating her morning shed?

I've never actually seen either of them shedding as far as i'm aware (how often do they shed?) it could be, but for the gaping mouth that was open in between the actuall 'wretches'.... they normally close their mouth as soon as they've got the food they are eating inside... so that was a bit worrying.
Also is its only the female i've ever seen do it, so i kinda assumed it wasn't something 'natural'.

If i catch her at it again i'll deffinatly take some pics....
To say that I am late on this thread is an understatement but...."Are your sure what you saw was not her eating her morning shed?"...HUH??? In all the thread and books I have read, I have not come across the term "morning shed". What is this? What are they shedding and do they do it every morning?
Frogs don't shed every morning but when they do shed it does look strange especially if you 've never seen it. Your frog might have gotten dirt or something in it's mouth while taking a bit of food and was just trying to spit it back up. How's the frog now.
Oh cool. Ok, now I won't panic and try to do CPR on my frog if I see him doing this thinking he is choking or something.

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