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Leuc Pair
I am looking for (2) pair of unrelated leucs. If two pair cannot be found, I will settle for subadults I live in TN.
I have one pair of breeding luecs. They have been quite prolific. I bought them 3 years ago, as 3-4 months olds. Just happened to be a pair. They came from two different people at International Frog Day. I think one came from Matt(can't remeber last name). My wife picked them out.
I'm in the Washington DC Metro area. How's $50.00 and you pay shipping sound? I'll try and take and down load photos(It's been awhile since I done this,so give me a day to get it right)
Ok, I have found a pair and would still like another pair, but might settle for single adults...Anyone have a few?
This is John. I just got a note that says you found a pairs of Leucs. and you're looking for more. Is this directed at me or is this just a weird byproduct of the forum. I actually will talk to a friend of mine. I know he has/had a single female Leuc. This was about a month or so ago. I'll check for you. If he does, and wants to let her go to a new home, I could put it into the box with the others. Don't worry about paying for it right off. He owes me and won't pester me. Actually, he wouldn't pester anyone.
Let me know.
Hey Lisa,

I still have the 2 adult leucs if you are interested and the one subadult as well.

Thanks, ~Lauren
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