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Hi all,

I've had a few hitch hikers, but none before this one ever gave me pause. I think it could be a kind of nematode, but can't be sure. Is this some kind of parasite that I should be worried about? Wish I could offer better resolution in the pics - can't even tell if there are any mouth parts. I suppose it came in with plants or wood. No frogs in this viv yet...

Thanks -Mike

I've seen things like that in my tank as well. They fit the description of nematodes (small, white, cylindrical). Here's the million dollar question: How do they move (if you've seen them move)? Nematodes lack the type of muscles to move in a smooth forward motion. This page is pretty good at explaining it: ... motion.htm

That being said I'm still not convinced mine aren't (they move smoothly but in no general direction) nematodes. Hope this helps!

Quite a bump haha

You Necro'ed a post by Mike from VA that was a years old.

NOT a problem. It is a good pic afterall.

and...I'm quite sure that is a Nemertean. Proboscis worm. Eats microfauna and FF but harmless to frogs.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Thankfully the only unexpected creepy crawler I've found in my tank, I was worried it was a possibly zoonotic, pathogenic, nematode. But they don't seem to move like nematodes.

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