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Egg Crate for a False Bottom- Where do I get it ?
I have seen on dendroboard that they use agg crate as a false bottom. my question is how do you keep the substrate from falling thru the little holes. also how do you keep the substrate from falling off the side of the false bottom and into the pond or watever. Also where can I find egg crate ?
Hey Csfrog,

Fiberglass or nylon type screen can be cut to fit and placed over the egg crate to keep substrate from falling through. The egg crate also has to cut to fit the tank.

Both the screen and the egg crate can be found at home improvement stores, like Home Depot. Egg crate is in the lighting section.

Most substrates seem to pack down a little when moist preventing a large amount from falling in the water, but I think some small amounts falling in can be cleaned out regularly. A small barrier (stones, etc) could be made/placed around the water if it is a big enough issue.

thanks and I looked online at home depot and lowes for "light diffusing panels" , which is what i hear they are called and couldn't find them.
Huh, it may be worth calling or taking a look at the particular store. I purchased some at a Home Depot, so I'd ssume they all carry the item... Maybe some don't, so it's not listed online?

Good luck!

ok my bad. i was looking on the home depot website for it and the thing is they don't sell it online. i went to the in-store and online products and they had it. ok thanks for the help
Sure thing!
Rocks, driftwood, or cork bark is great at keeping the dirt where it should be.

Use wire cutters to cut the eggcrate.


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Yup they got it at home depot in the lighting dept for about $12 bucks. It comes in a 2ft X 4ft sheet.

I just made a false bottom for my exo terra I'll post up some picks soon.
Need some help,

I am making a 75 gallon viv to house a community of darts. (all same species and morph)
Couple of questions about the false bottom. What size PVC is reccomended?
How deep does the false bottom need to be?
Do I need to install a drain or pump for the old water?
Will a fogger work for the humidity or do you reccomend a mister? I plan on have a water feature or two with a waterfall and slow drips.
What kind of lighting is needed for the darts? I know the plants will have specifics but I would rathet worry about the darts and plan for plants that will grow with the lighting they need.

I am completely new at this and could use some advice.

1. What size PVC is reccomended?
for what? to support the false bottom? i don't think size really matters to be honest. PVC pipes are pretty strong.

2. How deep does the false bottom need to be?
you said you wanted to have a waterfall, which means you will need a pump somewhere. if in the false bottom, then you will need to have a few inches of water in the bottom to allow the pump to run.

3. Do I need to install a drain or pump for the old water?
it'd be handy to have to remove old water and to prevent flooding from misting etc. could use a drain with a valve on it (be sure to drill the tank on the side since the glass on bottom is surly going to be tempered), could use a a small 1/2" bulkhead and on the outside use a garden hose connection with a valve. others use a siphon system.

Will a fogger work for the humidity or do you recommend a mister?
misting is good to get frog crap off plants etc. but neither are actually necessary. if you have a waterfall and pond, and the tank is closed up pretty will, the humidity will probably stay high.
This is great because a lot of my questions about the false bottom just got answered! I also thought of some more though. You said to put rocks or driftwood to keep the substrate from falling into the pond. Should it be siliconed to the egg crate? Also, if I'm just going to have a pond with no waterfall, how shallow can the false bottom be? I'm working with a 20 g long, so I don't want to lose any more height than need be. I would rather not have to mess with a filter. Maybe I'll plan a waterfall for my next tank. Ha! I haven't even done the first one yet and I already know there will be a second! Thanks for your help.

at any hardware store and you put nylon or fiberglass window screen on top and zip tie it down
Another good false bottom construction thread.

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