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Hey Cindy...your Broms are working. Lamasi Tadpole

You're broms are working Big Grin

[Image: IMG_0459.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0458.jpg]


Hi Gary.
WOW, how cool is that! Nothing like have the parents drop it right up top where you can see it.

I'm glad to see the bromelaids have held up to their tadpole guarantee.....J/K.

What kind of tadpole is it?

GL Lamasi Smile


Is this the first tadpole from these? Isn't it interesting how quickly these get color.

Any full tank shots??

It's not the first ones from this pair but it is the first ones in a while. I foolishly moved them from a tank they were breeding in to a "better" tank. Well, the tank may have been better to me but not to the frogs Sad

There's really not too much to the tank. Pretty simple but with some extra cover which the gl lamasi seem to prefer/need. It's a 20 high horizontal tank with one of the shorter sides as the front. The front 1/3 is a good layer of leaf litter with lots of "bugs" crawling around. The back 2/3 is two nice large broms - THANKS to Cindy - and then pathos under the broms for extra cover. I don't have any pics of the tanks but I'll try and get a few tonight.


It seems like the Panguana have two speeds........full blast and off.
Ours have been in the 'off' position for a while now. Hopefully with the change in weather it will spark some breeding behavior.

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