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Use of hot glue guns in construction?
I used a hot glue gun to hold the nylon mesh onto my egg crate false botton, along with a lot of zip ties :lol:

I couldn't really find any information on the use of this in constructing terrariums. I was just wondering if there was anything to be worried about?

It sets hard in about 30 seconds, so I didnt think it would leach anything into the water or surrounding soil, but I thought I'd get some veterans input Big Grin
does anyone knwo the answer to this? i am going to be bulding a 75g in a couple weeks
I would be inclined to use silicone.
i believe many have used them without trouble. in my experiences though, the glue doesn't work well under constantly wet conditions. doesn't dissolve or break down at all, it just eventually detaches from what its on.

don't really need anything to hold screen on top eggcrate though.
all the substrate on top of it will keep anything from pushing it up.
Sometimes hot glue can just detach from a surface---the bonding's not so permanent. You may find that you'll have to redo it pretty soon---if at all possible, I would go ahead and dry the area and go over it with All Aquarium black silicone from JT's vivarium supplies (he's on the vendor list so you can read feedback.)

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