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Have a lot of questions...
So I have recently decided to work on a viv and get a couple of frogs. I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium that I would like to use atleast for a starter. I also have fallen In love with the looks of the D. auratus. I was wondering what kind of setup is most appropriate for them? Also I have read that mixing different species was a BIG no no, but I wondered about different morphs of the same species like a Kahlua and Creme and A Blue auratus? Also I really want some sort of moving water feature, but worry it's just not practical for so small a tank. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

Hi Amanda, welcome to the forum.
A 10gal for a couple of auratus will be a great starter tank.

A water feature in a 10gal will be difficult to do without sacrificing a lot of the land area. Not saying it can't be done, it will be tricky. What you might consider is just a pond area in one corner of the tank, instead of a moving water feature.

Even mixing different morph is not recommended, due to the possibility of cross breeding.
We have found the blue and black auratus to be very shy. We rarely see our group. We are working with the blue and bronze, while these are also shy, they are not as bad as the blue and blacks, in our experiance
Blue and Bronze? I'll have to look around to find some pictures. That or I'll just have to make more tanks... I really like the Kahlua morphs too..I Keep looking at this ten gallon trying to figure out how I want to set it up, trust me I've read things everywhere. I'm worried that there may not be enough room for a background and was actually thinking of turning it longways and doing a background on on of the smaller side panels. I also was curious as to about how high should the false bottom be? Is it neccesary to have bromelaids? I worry that I wont find any locally that will stay small enough for a ten gallon. And as for as the live moss goes, Will the stuff growing in my yard work? I wasn't sure because I read there are many different types and only a couple are exceptable for use in terrariums.. Also! I may just end up ordering 4 auratus and setting up another ten gallon as well but was unsure if I should order all from the same breeder, I guess my primary concern in this regard is inbreeding, not sure how it affects frogs...

Thanks again for all the help!
just a suggestion,
if you'd like a bigger tank but dont want to pay a lot of money check for your local area as well as flea markets. You'll have to sterilize them with bleach to avoid the possibility of contamination but you'll save a bunch of money.
I got a 45 gallo tank for $35.00 so there are deals out there.
well I already have 2 10 gallon tanks, so i'd rather use what i have to start off, and if I end up addicted.. I'll go bigger.. But for now Im trying to be as cheap as I can. My big issue right now is deciding whether or not to try and do a background, I haven't seen any on 10g horizontals.. and am worried about there not being enough space..
Backgrounds are not necessary, but add a nice touch. I am doubtful the frogs will know the difference, except in the case of privacy. Keeping all four sides of the tank 'open' might not leave the darts enough hiding places. I have used printed backgrounds like ones for fish if I think the darts are stressing.

Bromeliads probably would not be necessary for Auratus, although you will want a well planted tank with dried oak leaves (or similar) for the floor, providing many hiding places. The false bottom (or layer of leca/rocks) is just to keep the substrate from sitting in water. I have mine 2-3 inches high.
black jungle is the best place to go for any of your questions and setups they have powerpoints etc.
I have a question about the leaf litter...I see oak leaves are recommended above but I only have an assortment of maples here where I am. Are old dried maple leaves acceptable?

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