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75 gallon vivarium

Just wanted to post my most recent viv I built. It is a 75 gallon, 48" X 13" X 22". Tell me what you think,

[Image: DSC00079.JPG]

Plants list includes:
Orchids: 2 oncidium ( 1 epiphyte, 1 terrestrial), 1 paphiopedulum, 1 Pleurothallis scurrulla, 1 miniature dendrobium.
Broms: Neo. Olens, 3 neo fireballs, 1 neo fiesta, 2 vriesa miniatures, 2 tillandsia ionantha's (just bloomed)
Ferns: caterpillar fern, two unidentified species, selaginella uncinata, selaginella "cypress moss"
Java moss, tropical moss, pillow moss, creeping fig, and a few clumps of duckweed. There may be a few more, I just don't remember Smile

I am intending on housing a group of about 10 ventrimaculatus in this viv after a few more weeks.

Ed Parker

That looks great. How did you make the "bridge" where the land is over the water? How big is it? I am going to make a vivarium that is 72x38x30 and would like to know where you got your orchids.

that looks damn good, nice job. did you use the false bottom method? what kind of pdfs are you going to put in there

wow.the tank looks amazing.GREAT i am very new to PDFs and this may sound like adumb question but,what is the black stuff on top of the gravel? is it just soil?


Nice tank, what did you use for the backing?


Amazing Viv.


Thanks for the comments,

Mantella guy, the land is just held back by a piece of tree fern root panel, which I cut into that rounded shape. The orchids were all locally purchased, except the pleuorthallis scurrula, which I got with some vents from Jon Werner.

JT3rry, I did use the false bottom method. My style though, I leave a gap about 1/2 " from the glass around the front, and sides, and fill it in with gravel. i think it looks better than an original false bottom design, plus adds for a bit more bacterial growth due to surface area.

Dmoney, the black stuff is just coco brick stuff, which I use for substrate.

Dart frog, the back ground is Cork wall paneling. I haven't found any for sale. I picked this stuff up from a local frogger.

I will update with pics as soon as the group of vents is living in it.

Ed Parker

Thanks for the info about the bridge - I will do it some day. You can get cork panels from If you need any more plants go to

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