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new here
hello im new to these forums and hope to find lots of info and friends with the same interest. I just came from another forum that wasnt too friendly so im kinda on the I have 3 azureus, and 2 orange and black galacks. Let me know if its ok to post pics and ill add some to this thread, couldnt find anything in the rules about pics so ill wait till i know for sure.

Hi Jason,
welcome to the forum.
I think everyone here would enjoy seeing some pictures, I know I would!
the azureus are kinda fat lol

[Image: Picture014.jpg]

[Image: Picture010.jpg]

[Image: Picture012.jpg]

[Image: Picture004.jpg]

[Image: Picture006.jpg]
welcome! your frogs look nice and healthy!
Your frogs are neato!

I love the galacts. 8)
I'm new to the hobby and was looking for a post to reply to. ( for some reason you have to reply twice before you can start your own post). Anyways great frogs. I'm looking in to the azureus also.
welcome, nice pictures
Hi, I am also new, i am trying to gather information on feeder insects for frogs.
Nice frogs, I'm new here too and for the same reasons. I hate postinga queston and never getting a reply. I think this one is much better though. Great tanks too. See ya around!

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