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F1 designation (split)
What does F1 mean? I have seen it in other posts as well and realize it is some sort of classification, but what exactly does it mean and what are the other levels?
F1 means first captive bred generation of offspring from wild caught parents. When F1 breed, their offspring are called F2, ect.

Don't know what you call it when F1+F2 breed.
not to split hairs, but F1 means the first cross of two animals (or plants). for frogs it certainly implies that the animals are unrelated, and it often means from wild caught, but not always.
for example, i have two cobalts which are both F1 from unrelated bloodlines. that is to say that all four 'grandparents' are unrelated. that means that the offspring from my cobalts are F1, even though both parents are CB (captive bred). if i cross siblings they are F2, but if i cross these with a frog they are not related to, they will be F1 again, even though they are 3 or 4 generations removed from the wild.
maybe this should be split off to a different thread?
Fair enough mack. I agree. Before this split, in the context of Rob's ad, I interpreted it to say the F1 C. azureiventrius were first gen from WC and not first gen from the crossing of unrelated lines. That's the way I've seen it used most often. Maybe Rob should clarify.
hey pl259,

i would bet $100 that in this case you are absolutely correct given the recent import of the cryptos. i just wanted to clarify so as to not mislead people because i offer my cobalts as F1.


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