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Newbie looking for info on Tank size and Frog types

Hi. I am also new to dart frogs. I am looking to possibly keep and breed them, but I want to find out as much info on them as I can before I attempt anything. I already keep red eyed tree frogs, and have done so sucessfully, but I am looking to move up to the beautiful darts. Do they hang on the sides of the tank like my red eyes? Also, what is a good size tank to keep/breed them and are they better kept in groups or pairs when trying to induce breeding? Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated! I also will be looking to buy some in the future... so anyone with any *perfect* for beginners, please let me know! You can e-mail me at
Thanks so much! :wink:


I personally like the dendrobates azuresus ((blue dart)). But their are MANY choices available, and it really depends on your taste. They don't do very well in groups, the females can be a little hostile. 1 pair per 10 gallon minimum tank. They are mostly ground dwellers, but will climb on the sides occasionally through the day. Usually when you purchase darts, they are froglets which can be housed in a rubbermaid shoebox with a paper towel folded in half for bedding. Add a few leaves and you are good to go. Please check out, this is a great care sheet by Sean Stewart. Hope this helps --Corey[/url]

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