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FS: 110g Vivarium with Frogs - Dallas Area


I am moving to Australia with my wife in January so unfortunately have
to part with this beautiful setup and frogs.

I am asking $750 for the complete setup with frogs included.

Note: This price is set as if the frogs are free with the setup; this
is to keep the frogs with the setup as I want to make sure they have a
good home. I will attempt to sell all together for a while first and
will consider parting later if no success. i.e. I will not lower the
price to accommodate not wanting the frogs.

The setup was built by Cindy Dickens with Vivarium Concepts about 4
years ago and includes:

110g Acrylic Tank (30x28x30)
2x 65w PC Lighting Setup with Fan
Fluval 104 to supply waterfall and reservoir (waterfall pours from
near the top down a piece of wood attached to the back)
Rainmaker Junior Misting System with 2 nozzles (top of tank drilled
for nozzle access)
Ultrasonic Humidifier plumbed through the back of the tank with 4
openings in back
Plenty of Plants (various types that I don't know the exacts
anymore... see pics for visual)

Frogs: 3 Female Sipaliwini Tinctorius' (~6 years old); and a breeding
colony of at least 3 Vent's known to be 2 female and 1 male (i say "at
least" because there should be 6 in there somewhere... the tank is so
large and heavily planted I can't see more than 3 at any given time...
but there are always tadpoles in there somewhere so must have at least
1 couple Smile ). The Vents breed heavily and deposit the eggs in
bromeliads that are easily accessible to pull out for raising, so can
easily make your money back on all this quickly.

Pictures can be seen at the link detailed below. Call me at
214-493-1676 to discuss any questions on the setup. I live in Dallas
(specifically Irving), and can arrange delivery or meeting 1/2 way for
anybody elsewhere. ... le%20Pics/


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