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I've had my frogs for 6mo and they are dying
Ok I was new to frogs but took the advice from the breeder I bought them from. I bought a little frog habitat and some frogs. They have all lived fine till about a month ago now they are dropping off. I'm wondering the top 5 reasons captive bred frogs die ? Also what environmental factors are the top reasons. I'm wondering if some chemical has somehow made its way in the tank.
hey jason,

i'm so sorry to hear about your frogs! my questions would be what are your temps? what are you feeding them and how often and how much? are you using supplements?

just fruit flies temps are 72-76 no supplements

how many flies and how often? what type of frogs? how many frogs and what kind of setup are they in?

you need to supplement. the most recommended are rep-cal with D3 and herptivite. i use them in rotation, so rep-cal one day and herptivite the next.

are you seeing any symptoms before they die? are they skinny? is there agression? are they hanging out in the water?

I am pissed. I knew nothing of dusting the flies, and my animals would experiance seizures sometimes. Now I know that lack of calcium can cause that. I was just told fruit flies!!!!
my new one that just died today, would sit in the water so I wonder if some chemical got in the tank. I have kids so you never know whats being sprayed in the house! DARNIT!!!!!! MY big white back died!
hey jason,

i'm sorry to hear it. sitting in water can be a sign of other health might do a search for 'fecals' or 'quarantine'. i'm not sure what a "white back" is, but you'll come across info about aggression and crowding if you do the search for 'quarantine'.
Sorry to hear about your losses. I wouldn't go blaming the kids just yet.
A good place to start with the proper care of all herps in research before if possible or at the time of aquiring them. If you didn't know to supplement your frogs from the get go. Then I would assume you came into the hobby pretty unprepared. You were right to ask the breeer for advise but, following that would be to research more information on your own. This forum is a great source for info as you have found out. All captive herps require supps.
Don't let it discourage you, just think it as a costly lesson. Get a dart frog book now and supps. Work to save who ever is still left.

So my top #1 spot in the top 5 reasons in under education/ preperation.
sorry to hear
Water in the tank can be a cause of death as well. Using spring water, not tap water.
"Water in the tank can be a cause of death as well. Using spring water, not tap water" .

Not so. Aged tap water, assuming you don't live in an area with un-drinkable tap water, is ok.

Not using the correct supplements will kill your frogs, though.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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RichFrye Wrote:
Ccssrs69 Wrote:Water in the tank can be a cause of death as well. Using spring water, not tap water.
Not so. Aged tap water, assuming you don't live in an area with un-drinkable tap water, is better than fine.
No supplements will kill your frogs.


Just thought I'd mention that many city water supplies are using chloramine instead of chlorine nowdays for keeping the water "clean".

Chloramine doesn't evaporate like chlorine does, and sticks around much longer, so if you're water has chloramine, aging it might not work, and if you are going to use that water, it would be a good idea to pick up some chlorine/chloramine remover/neutralizer from the pet shop, it's not expensive.
Brian T. Sexton
Sorry to hear your loss, I had the same thing happen to me and it was not good. I didnt really find out what did it. I had used supersoil and i think that might have been an issue. In my current tank which was totally cleaned out with a vinagar/ bleach and water mix. I only used gravel Spagnim moss and cocobark (comes in blocks). All the Plants also got washed with the same mix.
Dusting is a must! Not sure who you got the frogs from but they did not give you good advice on what to feed them.
Read Read Read is all I can say. In a confined space it doesnt take much to cause and issue.

Good Luck.
If chloramine is a question you can purchase a chlorine test kit at anywhere that sells aquarium products to test on aged tap water. Just make sure that it shows results for chloramine as well. - just a suggestion Smile
I'm sorry to hear about your frogs. I'm doing as much research as possible before I get my first frogs. Did you get them from a pet store? They don't always know what enough about exotics!
sorry to hear about your loss Sad
Hopefully the problem will get sorted out soon, sucks to have a cataclysm like that, I'm new to frogs, but have had similar incidents in reef keeping, it hurts.


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