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WANTED: Tadpoles

My name is Josh, I am a professional poison dart frog breeder and instead of buying froglets, i like to buy tadpoles. Is there anyone who has anykind of dart frog tadpoles that they would be willing to sell me. I am open to any kinds of tadpoles but only dart frog tads.

If you do have tadpoles that you would be willing to sell me, please tell me what kinds of tadpoles you have, how many you have, and how much $ you would like per tadpole

Please PM me or email me at

Thank you so much
Would you please stop posting the same damn post ..... i swear im going to pull my hairs out .. As for proffesional dart frog breeder that is the biggest overstatement i have ever heard.. Just stop it

Seriously this is getting annoying! I would be careful with this user as I have seen MANY posts and have heard a few problems with transactions.

Well first off, lets try to get the name it Josh or John??? Your Kingsnake ad says John while this one says Josh..
i am waiting for that Jean-Luc Picard pic to make an appearance...
this is a joke
If this guy is known to cause problems elsewhere, surely he can just be banned here and then we won't have to read these over and over again...
i thought you guys might laugh at this

My calcutation .... average even with froglets coming out at 1.5 months and not 2 ......

1 pair produce 3 froglets every 1.5 months = 24 froglets a year

3 pairs will produce 24x3 = 72 froglets total for the whole year, that includes no sls and top production rate for most pumilio with no breaks or vacations..............

" i think someone licked too many toads "
As long as someone isn't threatening or total off topic ((I'm all set with V-i-a-g-r-a)) etc, I'm not going to delete post no matter how annoying it is. I think this is what makes this board a little different than others. Although, this doesn't stop people from A) not reading annoying posts or B) Blocking a particular annoying user.
I know there is some idiot out there saying he is a pro and whatnot but I was just woundering if anyone acually sell tadpoles and also how hard is it to care for them? I'm pretty new to dartfrogs but am learning alot since I have become addicted to my Viv lol. thanks for any info

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