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12X12X18 Exoterra for 2 Leucs ?

Hey guys,

I was at the store today and they had a great deal on the 12X12X18 Exoterra, is this big enough for 2 leucs ? This will be my first vivarium.




i would go bigger if at all possible. personally, i'd go with the 18x18x24 for a pair of leucs if you can get a decent price. and remember that your tank will last for years, and with the price of frogs, plants, supplies, etc, an extra few bucks for a bigger tank is money well spent in the beginning.

do you plan to get a sexed pair? if not, people often get 4-8 frogs to insure a pair, then trade or sell any extras. and unlike many darts, leucs do well in groups, so you don't have to keep just one pair per enclosure.


I would like to get a sexed pair and from what I have read it isn't hard to tell the difference between sexes for leuks........a few extra bucks you say its like 100 extra bucks!! thats alot!.......But I will keep on looking then...but if I get 4-8 like you suggested doesnt that mean the tank size you suggested is to small too? because you said "18x18x24 for a pair of leuks" thanks for the suggestion! and keep em coming


hey mitch,

the leucs should live 10 years or more. at that rate, even $100 extra is only $10 per year....less than you'll spend on dusting powder or fly cups.
and i'd go with at least 40-55 gallons for a group of leucs (4-6). i'm sure people have them breed in smaller set-ups than that, but that's as small as i'd be comfortable with.


I broke down and bought an 18 X 18 X 24 now the question is can I put 6 frogs in there when it is ready or is 4 about the maximum amount



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