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Frogs for sale in San Diego
Red Galactonotus adult 0.0.2 $200 comes with 60e vivarium with light fixture

Mint Terribilis sub adult 0.0.2 $75 each buy both and get free planted 10

Leucomelas proven pair 1.1 $200 comes with 29g vivarium with light

Azureus adult 0.1.0 $80 comes with 20 gallon vivarium with light

Azureus froglet 0.0.1 $25 .. $40 with planted 10g

Intermedius 0.0.1 $80 comes with planted 10 vert and free intermedius that is very small and has never grown. Frogs are same age. I think something is wrong with the smaller one - that is why he is free with purchase of other healthy frog.

Imitator 0.0.1 $60 comes with planted 10 vert

LOCAL ONLY! I can deliver within 20ish miles of Chula Vista.
[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
hey my name is Wayne Browning i am a dart frog enthusiast. I breed leucamelas and am working on azureus and mint terribilis.i also breed crested geckos as well. i wanted to know what sexes you have for sale in the azureus and terribilis. please contact me at or on my cell at 6197683655. i live in lakeside and am willing to meet to pick up the frogs.

Thank you

Wayne Browning
How old are the galacs and mints
Sorry guys, these frogs are long gone. This post was last year.

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]
O wow. My mistake. I feel like an idiot. O well thats not an uncommon feeling.

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