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The North American Amphibian Conference (NAAC)

ANNOUNCING! The Biggest Dart Frog Show of the Year, The North American Amphibian Conference (NAAC), will be held the Spring of 2008 in New England and will focus on the efforts to promote "Year of the Frog" along with fundraising for amphibian conservation efforts.

The NAAC will be a 2-3 day event comprised of a banquet with keynote speaker, vendors, lectures, workshops, field trips, raffle and auction. Additionally, a fundraising Barbeque and open house will be
held at Black Jungle Terrarium Supply.

One of our special guest speakers will be Chris van der Lingen of The Netherlands. He will be debuting his long awaited English version of a DVD on Dendrobates pumilio as well as discussing projects that he is currently working on in Panama.

We have also received committment from the team at the Atlanta Botanic Garden in the way of at least one speaker. Other special guest speakers will be confirmed within the following weeks. We hope to have speakers to fi ll us all in on the following subjects:
The New Dart Frog Taxonomy;
Chytrid Fungus - What every frog keeper needs to know;
Updates Regarding the latest known about Dart Frog Toxins;
and other topics as they become available

Date: Memorial Day Weekend - Friday, May 23rd - Sunday, May 25th
Location: Western Massachusetts (tba within the upcoming weeks)
Friday 9-5 - Field Trips
Friday 6-11 - Banquet and Keynote Speaker
Saturday 9-4 - Sale, Workshop, Raffle, Auction
Saturday 6-11 - Lectures
Sunday 10-5 - Black Jungle Open House/ Barbeque Fundraiser

Additional event details and website will be released as soon as

Vendors! We want you here...All of You!! Let's all band together in this Big Event. "Year of the Frog!" is our big opportunity to do the right thing in 2008. The more vendors, the bigger and better this event will be. Join in and support the efforts where fundraising and amphibian crisis awareness are our primary goals. This does not mean you should feel that you have to donate all your profits away, but even a small contribution would help! We realize that we all need to make a living and for most of us, this is our livelihood. W hat your participation does mean, is that we support a common goal. A goal for the good of Amphibian Conservation and Awareness.

Organizers of the event are: Ed Kowalski, Lead Keeper, Department of Herpetology at
the Philadelphia Zoo, Matt Mirabello : Cornell University Department of Natural Resources
Graduate Student, Amanda & Greg Sihler, published authors and owners of Arizona
Dendrobate Ranch, Michael Wallitis and Richard Revis, owners of Black
Jungle Terrarium Supply.

Important Date Change!

Ed Kowalski Wrote:Please note the change of date listed below.

On double checking with local academic schedules and the hotels we discovered that there would be less conflict and a greater availability of both rooms and potential attendents if the date of the conference was moved to June 6-8.
We apologize for any inconvience and hope you can attend.

We hope to have a website up soon..

Thanks for your patience.

Michael Khadavi

should be a good time

I wanted to go to that sooooo bad and had no one to take me. Being a city girl, a car is not always common to have since you have the train and bus.

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