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Exoterra Frog capacity recommendation needed
I broke down and bought an 18 X 18 X 24 EX. Now the question is, can I put 6 frogs in there when it is ready or is 4 about the maximum amount ?


how many frogs you can put in there will depend on which frogs you are interested in, but I would say no more than 3 of any type of frog.

If you are interested in the larger frogs (tincs, leucs, etc.) no more than 2, thumbnails possibly 3.

Thanks for responding but I am a bit confused I guess, because that exo 18X18X24 is equal to about a 35 gallon tank. And according to several Posts I have read its 1 frog per 5 gallons (I am looking to keep Leucs) so based on that shouldn't it be 5 frogs ? Sorry I am just trying to understand.

We recommend 1 frog per 10 gal with exceptions.

Even though these frogs are small it would be best not to try to 'over stuff' the tank. Use this tank for a couple of frogs, save up your money and by a larger tanks that will accommodate a group.

Keep in mind that the dimensions you gave are outside dimensions, once you get your background, false bottom, etc in you are cutting down on your space.
^^ Bless your heart Cindy...."way back" in 2008....going against the grain and pushing for 1 frog per 10 gallons.

Awesome !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Always have, always will! :wink:

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