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exo terra terrariums good to use ?

Does anyone know if these are good for vivs? I like the front doors but the glass bar on the front is a bit ugly. Could you take it off some how? What other tanks are good for vivs, I'm looking for something small like the 18 x 18 x18 ones.


My viv will probably have a false bottom. what internal filters are recommended?


I think the exos are used pretty commonly and are pretty easily fruit fly proofed. I've seen quite a few that have turned out nicely. :wink:

Unfortunately, I can't help you as much with your other questions, but maybe others will join in.


Most people do not use an internal filter in dart frog enclosures. The plants act as natural filters.

Many people have used exoterras with darts, but they do require some modifications to make them fruit fly proof, and to hold in humidity.

I just purchased a 12x12x18 Zoo Med tank from Pet Solutions. It was reduced from $69 to $49 and shipping was only $10.

yeah dude...exos are sweet. you will get over the look of the glass when u are foxing on somthing behind it. i promise. brett is def right. do a false bottom with leca. the leca acts as a biological media. that in combination with plants is perfect. i havent changed my water in 2 months and my nitrates are imeasurable. a water feature always adds a nice touch. even in a small exo.

take some screen meshing...silicone it down to the bottom where you plan on your water body being. this will contain the leca. add leca. tuck the meshing back. add sphagnum. LOTS. add your dirt mix. good to go. dont use the background they come with. they are lame. get some GS or handifoam to skupt ur back. silicone it with black or brown and add a mix of peat and coco.

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